Civic Body of the Lahore Development Authority has given approval for the demolition of the 9th floor of the LDA Plaza from Tuesday (today) on the recommendations of building engineers. This is being done in the light of the initial findings of building stability tests, it is learnt.

However, the decision regarding the demolition of other four floors of the plaza which is badly damaged as a result of fire, is still pending, insiders informed.

Insiders further informed that building experts and engineers of the department were still conducting building stability tests of the plaza and are yet to take any decision regarding demolition of other damaged floors.

However, they said that some building experts of LDA and TEPA disagreed with the recommendations regarding demolition of other four floors of the plaza as they are of the view that although fire affected these flours badly but according to initial BST tests roofs and walls of such floors still could survive after proper maintenance.

On the other hand, most engineers recommended the civic body that there was no option except to bulldoze the other affected flours immediately otherwise such dangerous portions of the building could cave in any time and cause a major loss of life and property, they added.

They said that engineers conducted three major building stability tests such as core cutting test, compressed stamp test and yield testing by hiring the services of top building experts and engineers and they all declared in their reports that all the four damaged floors of the building were dangerous.

Insiders further informed that engineers are going to conduct some more tests but it seemed that in their final findings of the tests they would recommend to demolish these floors as well in the interests of public under safety rules and as a preventive measure in order to avoid all the risks in this regard.

Whereas, some experts are of the view that the fire intensity caused damage on the 9th floor’s structure only, while fire did not damage the remaining floors of the plaza so the rest still could survive after maintenance.

The officials removed all installed boosters of various companies and cleaned other damaged materials from the 9th floor.

LDA plots’ auction tomorrow

The Lahore Development Authority (LDA) will hold open auction of 21 commercial plots tomorrow (Wednesday) at 10am at LDA Community Centre, New Muslim Town. These plots are situated on Jail Road Shadman, Township and Gujjar Pura Schemes.

Parties interested in participating in the auction shall have to deposit earnest money (refundable) for each plot in the form of cash/ bank draft/ pay order in favour of Director General, LDA, before the commencement of auction, at the booth of National Bank of Pakistan, established on the spot.