Once again making it clear that the caretaker government did not want to hang to power, Minister for Information and Broadcasting Arif Nizami said on Monday that as per constitution the first session of the National Assembly should be held within 21 days after the formal notifications of the MNAs-elect by Election Commission of Pakistan.

Replying to media men questions after addressing at the closing session of a seminar on social media here on Monday, he, however, said that it was the prerogative of the President to summon the maiden session of the newly elected National Assembly.

He clarified that the caretaker government was not interested in hanging to power for not a single day more than its mandate.

About the current unscheduled spell of power loadshedding, he said that the ongoing heat spell was one reason behind the additional power shortage. He said that the Prime Minister's directives for issuance of additional funds to Water and Power Ministry were followed but the Finance Division also had its constraints.

He said that as the caretakers were neutral, so they did not take any action on Altaf Hussain's statement against the country.

However, he said he personally thought that action should have been taken against him.

He said that before the elections transfers and postings were done on the instructions of ECP, but now when the elections process was over and new government was to takeover, the caretaker set up should avoid more transfers. However, he added that the matter was sub judice so he would not comment more on the subject. About Information Ministry, he clarified that not a single posting or transfer was made after the elections.

Earlier, addressing the participants of the seminar, he said that social media in Pakistan was relatively new but no body could deny its importance. He was of the opinion that there was great scope of growth of social media in Pakistan.

He mentioned that some political parties have utilized the social media in the election campaign very effectively and attracted their voters especially youth.

However, Nizami said that social media had its limitations, as electronic media was most prominent while print media enjoyed credibility factor.

He said that the government can utilize the social media in a more effective manner by adopting a social media policy.He proposed to utilize the social media for highlighting health and education related issues being faced by the country.