Mentioning under-pressure economy, dearness, loadshedding and unemployment, outgoing Punjab governor Makhdoom Ahmad Mehmood said that the crises-hit public vent their spleen on the PPP and its allies through their votes during the recent elections, and also claimed that the People's Party was still the biggest political power in the country.

"I have tendered my resignation as governor of Punjab but President Zardari has not accepted my resignation yet, and I have again contacted him and urged him to accept it," said Mehmood addressing a reception organised in his honour by MPA elect Taiq Mehmood at the latter's residence.

He said that the public had rejected the PPP for its bad governance during the last five year tenure and elected new ones. He pledged that along with the MPA, he would raise a voice for the protection of people's rights at all forums. He said that Tariq grabbed more than 24,000 votes which showed that he was a popular person among the people. He said that his party had started preparations for the upcoming local government elections, saying that the PPP would flex its biceps in these elections across the Punjab.

He said that Pakistan is faced with severe problems and difficulties that could not be fought by an individual or a party. "The national leaders should unite to resolve these problems. The public has put very important responsibility on the shoulders of the PML-N leadership so Nawaz Sharif should take on board all the political parties' leadership across the country to run the government and resolve these issues," he said.

Makhdoom claimed that the PPP was still the biggest political party of the country and said that he would play a key role to strengthen it. He was of the view that the public has created problems by giving mandate in the general elections to different parties across the provinces.

He said that he had resigned as the Punjab governor but President Zardari had not accepted his resignation. He mentioned that the PPP had won two National Assembly and two Punjab Assembly seats from district Rahim Yar Khan, saying that it was the best polling results in favour of the PPP across the Punjab. He said that the PPP suffered defeats across the country because of its failure to overcome the prolonged energy crisis and price hike. He hoped that in the next elections, the PPP will emerge as the biggest party of the country.

"We accept the decision the public has given in the general elections. Insha'Allah, (if God Willing) the people of Wasaib will not be disappointed and we will come up to their expectations and will remain among them for all time," he said. "All the resources will be utilised for the development of the region and protection of the people's rights."