ATLANTA: A man and his son graduated together from Morehouse College in Georgia, with the son saying he is “proud of his dad as a man” for going back to school.

Dorian Joyner Sr, 46, was a student at the college in 1988 when he decided to take some time off. He pursued a career in computers and became a senior data and finance analyst, reported. In 2010, he decided to go back to Morehouse to finish his degree. “I thought he was coming to visit friends. He was coming back as a student,” Dorian Joyner Jr, 23, said.

The father and son were never in the same class, but shared some of the same teachers and often saw each other on campus. “Sometimes, people would walk past us when we were talking and say, ‘Wow, you two look just alike,’” Joyner Jr said. The pair graduated together at the ceremony, at which President Barack Obama delivered the commencement speech. “I’m definitely proud of him,” Joyner Jr. said. “I’m proud of him as a man to go back and fulfill a degree ... that’s hard to do.”–UPI