Faisalabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FCCI) President Mian Zahid Aslam stressed that the upcoming PML-N government should take into confidence all the stakeholders while framing economic policies and finalising Federal Budget 2013-14. He stated that SRO culture needed to be abandoned to improve the industrial and business activities in the country.

In a press communiqué issued here on Monday, the FCCI chief pointed out that the businessmen were already struggling for their economic survival in the face of severe energy crisis, high cost of doing business and deteriorated law and order in the country.

He, however, expressed his confidence that the upcoming PML-N government and its economic mangers possessed the capability to steer the economy out of these challenges. It is imperative that the PML-N government should take into confidence all the stakeholders for sake of long-term economic stability, he added.

The FCCI chief regretted that SRO culture had been developed too much in the FBR which needed to be abandoned as frequent issuance of SROs in the last days of the previous Government created unlimited problems and hardships for the business community. He said that these SROs were issued in haste without consultation with the business community which had to either withdrawn or frequent amendments were made afterwards. He said that the FCCI had already forwarded its proposals for Federal Budget 2013-14 to the government with special mention of discouraging the SRO Culture.

He said that textile sector of the country needed a rescue plan to enhance export earnings of the country at a desired level and enable the exporters to fetch the lost markets in the past. He said that Pakistan still possessed huge export potential and special export package to the textile sector needed to be offered in the best national interest to support the dwindling foreign exchange reserves and balance of payments stabilization.

He said that the businesses and industrial economy of the country needed every support at this critical time and hoped that presentation of the PML-N Government's first budget 2013-14 will give an impetus to the revival of economy.