Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam (Fazl) is planning to sit on treasury benches with Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) with a condition to adopt issue-based approach on host of the issues, which the upcoming government could face in future.

The religio-political party wants its possible divergence of opinion on different issues in the Parliament with its partner (PML-N) as other demands are still being stipulated, sources in JUI-F shared with TheNation.

Although the JUI-F has almost planned certain conditions for future relations with PML-N, yet the religious faction could take couple of days to further deliberate on its conditions. “It will not be essential for JUI-F to give nod to PML-N on all the issues, as divergence of opinion could also be witnessed in future,” said a JUI-F member desiring not to be named.

It would not be out of place to mention here the CEC of JUI-F could not come up with clear stance on sitting with PML-N on treasury benches and formed a small committee headed by Abdul Ghafoor Haideri to finalise terms and conditions for their support to the future government.

Sources said the JUI-F’s committee has discussed in length to float the idea for further continuation of its recently called APC’s proposal to initiate dialogue with the Taliban.

The very idea was slightly discussed with PML-N’s leader who formally invited JUI-F to join government in center but they stated to be unprepared to deliberate on this matter, they said. “The JUI-F after finalising its conditions may stress PML-N to further continue this proposal,” said a JUI-F leader.

It is relevant to mention here that top politicians of the country in APC on March 1 extended full backing to the efforts to initiate dialogue with the Taliban. The political leaders of almost all the parties except Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) participated in an all-party conference (APC) convened by Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam (JUI-F).

They drew out a five-point joint declaration calling upon the grand jirga to start dialogue with Taliban and asking the government to provide necessary support and enabling environment to ensure peace ahead of the general elections.

The JUI-F, which had earlier opposed bills related to women rights floating different proposals to send the bill in Council of Islamic Ideology (CII) in previous national assembly, where the party had remained in treasury and opposition in different times.

Sources said that the religio-political party might come up with same stance on same nature of bills so they wanted to make it clear to the PML-N in its conditions.

They added two other demands are also in pipeline including Ministry of Housing and Works and Chairmanship of Kashmir committee, which they could ask from PML-N leadership. However, the JUI-F spokesman has clearly denied the demand of ministries to PML-N for the support.

It may be mentioned here that though the PML-N delegation has met JUI-F chief with the invitation to join government in center yet the religio-political party keeping its cards close to their chest has postponed the matter with a plea to further deliberate it. The move is stated to gain maximum advantage from the leading party.