KATHMANDU: A British mountaineer’s interview with the BBC on his smartphone from the top of Mount Everest has stirred controversy with the Nepalese government calling the broadcast “illegal”, officials said Monday.

British mountaineer Daniel Hughes gave a live video interview to the BBC on his smartphone from the 8,848-metres (29,029-feet) peak on Sunday morning.

“This is the world’s first live video call - never been done before - from the rooftop of the world,” said the climber while breathing heavily through an oxygen mask and wearing a clown’s red nose for charity.

“I don’t have a camera man with me. It’s me with a pole, an HTC smartphone...and of course my red nose. It’s a very proud moment to be here and two-and-a-half years in the making,” he added. The mountain has had mobile phone coverage for several years.

But Purnachandra Bhattarai, joint secretary ofNepal’s tourism ministry, told AFP Hughes had broken the law by not seeking permission from the government for his broadcast. “Even the tourism ministry has to seek permission from the communication ministry to film, broadcast or conduct media related events on Everest,” Bhattarai said.–AFP