Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) nominated Chief Minister for Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pervez Khattak on Monday said that masses had voted for 'change' in the province and the PTI government would not compromise on institutional performance in KPK.

Talking to different delegations and media men at the Officers Mess, Peshawar, he said that the people had a lot of complaints from the social services sectors and were feeling great embarrassment due to problems being faced by them.

He said that he was not satisfied with the performance of education, health and police departments. He said that great injustices were committed and now they had pledged to make these department people welfare.

Khattak expressed with astonishment that what was the need of establishing people welfare institutions when these institutions totally failed to provide facilities and relief to common man.

He said that the officers responsible for providing relief to the masses were pushing them towards more and more troubles. He vowed that the status quo would not be tolerated anymore.

He said that the government institutions would be made to serve the people.

He said that when the people had decided for change in the set-up then the government officers should also note that change had come.

He asked the provincial officers to take right turn and keep in mind that the people of the province were living in miserable condition and it was need of the hour to get them out of the crises.

He said that the PTI had prepared its reforms agenda and by the grace of Almighty Allah such a set-up would be given to the province, which would be an example for the whole country as well.

He said after implementing the reforms agenda in this province the people of other provinces would give example of the KPK when observing exemplary governance and transparent government here.

He said that his government would also introduce reforms in the police system, as the masses were not happy with the department.

He said that drastic changes would be made in the thana culture and people would be provided justice at all cost.

Khattak said that the people of KPK were very brave and courageous and had confronted terrorism and other uncountable hardships. He said in the past the people were used to get votes from them and were drastically ignored when the politicians were elected to the thrown but they would not do so.