The District Returning Officer has declared PML-N candidate for PP-198 Mian Shahzad Maqbool Bhutta successful after recounting of votes in seven polling stations. The losing candidate Barrister Waseem Khan Badozai, who belonged to Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, had filed an application for the recounting of votes in seven polling stations. However, his own 41 more votes were rejected in the re-counting and Mian Shahzad Maqbool Bhutta was declared successful with a lead of 2358 votes. According to the result, the total votes of Mian Shahzad Maqbool Bhutta stand at 32085 votes after recounting while Barrister Waseem Khan's 29727.

Meanwhile, addressing a news conference, Barrister Waseem Khan alleged that the election was heavily rigged in PP-198 and police and other state officials supported his opponent candidate. He added that the results of rural constituencies were compiled before 10pm on May 11 while the result of PP-198, which was an urban constituency, was given next day. "It is highly suspicious and alarming. The election commission entertained only my recounting application out of 43 while rest of all were rejected. It is a big proof that the election was rigged in my constituency," he claimed. He demanded investigation.