Rejecting election results of NA-44 Bajuar Agency, a group of losing contenders, have alleged rigging in polls and demanded the Election Commission to de-notify election results and re-hold election in Bajaur.

Speaking at a press conference here at press club on Monday, the Jamaat-e-Islami leader from Bajuar Agency Sardar Khan accused the political administration and polling staff of rigging in elections.

He also accused that the polling was stopped for an hour during which ballots were polled in the favour of PML-N candidate Shabuddin Khan.

He said that his supporters were barred from casting ballots at different polling stations in the Bajuar Agency, adding the polling agents informed that ballots were cast before starting of polling process at various stations in Tehsil Khar of the agency. He said that when asked from the polling staffs, they informed that ballots were polled by inmates. He said that no separate polling station was established for female voters in the constituency.

Flanked by PTI candidate Guldad Khan, independent candidate Bahadur Khan, he alleged that the supporters of Shabuddin snatched ballot boxes and polled fake votes at various polling stations in the Bajuar Agency. Sardar also alleged that the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Governor Shaukatullah Khan for alleged involvement in the election in Bajuar Agency.

He said that the government machinery was used in the election to ensure success of a candidate in the agency.

He asked that the Election Commission not to notify election results of the NA-44 Bajuar Agency and announce re-election.