With the rise in temperature, summer-related ailments have invaded the powerless county, rubbing salt into people’s loadshedding wounds. Experts have predicted the prevailing harsh weather conditions to persist during the next couple of days.

Dadu remained the hottest place on Monday where the temperature rose as high as 50 degree centigrade. According to the experts, seasonal low lies over Balochistan and central parts of the country. A shallow westerly wave is also prevailing over extreme north of the country.

The meteorological department has forecast mainly hot and dry weather for most parts of the country during the next couple of days. However, dust-thunderstorm rain is likely at isolated places of Islamabad/Rawalpindi, Gujranwala, Hazara divisions and Kashmir.

Like other parts, Lahore remained in the grip of severe heat wave on Monday, causing the Lahorites to avoid unnecessarily coming out that reduced traffic burden on otherwise busy arteries at noon and in the afternoon.

Unscheduled loadshedding added to the heat-hit people’s woes at the peak of the summer season.

The Lahorites thronged Lahore Canal to get some relief from harsh weather conditions and hours long loadshedding. Not only the youth but also elderly people were seen bathing in the Canal. At certain places, even women were seen beating the heat by taking a dip in the mud-coloured Canal water.

The maximum and minimum temperatures in Lahore were recorded at 45 centigrade and 27 centigrade respectively. Relative humidity in the evening was recorded 17 per cent. The sale of ice cream and drinks has surged in the federal capital of Islamabad as heat-hit people started thronging such outlets. The citizens also complained about price hike.