With the advent of summer season, the sale of unhygienic beverages, juices, lollies and even ice cream, being made locally has increased, raising concern among parents for the health of their children.

The sale of counterfeit and unhygienic summer items have been thriving in the city and its adjoining as the mafia involve in the business enjoy the blessings of the departments concerned.

A survey conducted by The Nation reveals that the fake or counterfeit beverages of famous brands available not only outside schools in the city but also in rural areas also. In city areas popular brand fake juices and beverages are found in bakeries, petty shops, outside schools, public and private schools canteens and outside public parks being sold without any fear.

It has been observed that the vendors offering colourful and delicious beverages and ice creams have set up their stalls at almost every nook and corner of the city, besides roaming around with their small carriages carrying these summer delights. The vendors selling unhygienic beverages and lollies use different ways to grasp the attention of people, especially the children and do not have much concern over the quality of their items. According to the health experts the water used in such beverages is mostly contaminated which could lead to diseases like diarrhoea, hepatitis A and E, typhoid and gastro while the children are more vulnerable to catching such diseases in this blistering season. On the other hand, the parents seem perturbed over the open sale of substandard beverages, juices and lollies at every corner of road these days. Meanwhile, the vendors have different point of view, claiming that they ensure the cleanliness of beverages and lollies and providing whatever best in the limited budget.

Ironically, the departments concerned have closed their eyes after getting "illegal gratification" and have given a free hand to the 'culprits' play with the public health, regretted social circles. They demanded the Health and Food Department high ups to take strict action against them.