Muttahida Jehad Council Jammu and Kashmir Supreme Commander Syed Salahuddin has vowed to continue Jehad till the glory of Islam, saying that every Muslim is incomplete without Jehad.

Addressing a Jehad conference held at Allama Iqbal Auditorium Uggoki here, he said that the amicable solution to all the prolonged perturbing problems being confronted by the Muslim Ummah lied in Jehad.

He said that Jehad would also pave the way for curbing the menace of anti-Islam conspiracies being hatched by the non-believers.  He said that the Islam had no concept of terrorism as it preached peace, love, brotherhood, religious harmony and social justice.

“How can a religion which guarantee rights of every human being preach terrorism or extremism”, he pointed out, adding that it was a well-taught conspiracy to linked terrorism to Islam to avert it virtue of Jehad and create doubts among Muslims.

MEDIA ROLE STRESSED FOR NATIONAL DEVELOPMENT: Former federal minister Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan stressed the need for the media role in national development, making positive public opinion, socio-economic and human development in the country.  She pointed out that the tradition of positive criticism for construction could boost the democracy while criticism for the sake criticism would weaken the institutions.

Talking to newsmen at Koobay Chak-Sialkot here, she said that there were strong relations between the media and the government, as the media was enjoying complete freedom in the country.

She said that journalists were the eyes and ears of society, which play pivotal role in public opinion in society, and bridge relations between people and the government.