Daily Mail

Commuters on London Underground will no doubt cast an envious eye at these pictures of what will shortly become the world’s most luxurious metro system.

Looking more like the inside of five-star hotel, the proposed network, in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, will boast a space age design featuring marbled walkways, gold-plated walls and, naturally in one of the hottest places on earth, air conditioning.

The facade will apparently be designed to let in light while keeping out the harsh desert sun, while the overall shape is meant to recall the country’s wind-blown sand dunes.

Amazingly, the new six-line network has been ordered to be completed by the ruling King Abdullah in just four years - the amount of time it took builders inNew Yorkto renovate just one station.

What will frustrate weary London commuters even more is that the main feature of the new system, a three-way interchange at the city’s busiest station, has been designed by half-British architect Zaha Hadid, who has been behind a string of developments around the world. The London-based designer, who is half-Iraqi, was the brains behind developments in the Capital’s Hoxton Square and Eaton Place, as well as international projects in cities including New York, Singapore and Dubai.