KARACHI - Contrary to the Prime Minister's announcement of curtailing non-development expenditures, the bureaucracy is using extra perks and privileges which is burden on national kitty. Nine MNAs of PPP including three federal ministers Sherry Rehman, Raza Rabbani and Hazar Khan Bejrani travelled in economy class of PIA flight PK-300 from Karachi to Islamabad after attending a marriage ceremony in Karachi. They were shocked to see Federal Finance Secretary Dr Waqar Masood Khan travelling in business plus class on the same flight, an MNA who was in the same flight told TheNation here on Thursday. The Federal Ministers along with MNAs strongly reacted to the luxury spending by the bureaucrat. MNAs chanted slogans during the flight, saying that people accuse them of luxury spending but reality is that bureaucracy is defying the PM's directions and using extra funds. They said that they would lodge their protest with the PM and ask him to bridle the bureaucracy. They questioned that if federal ministers and the President were using economy flights why the bureaucracy was not following the same.