ISLAMABAD (Online)- The financial loss of Capital Development Authority (CDA) has risen by Rs 40 billion and only Rs 6 billion left in CDA's kitty. According facts and figures, CDA had spent Rs 12 billion on the ongoing projects while Rs 6 billion were allocated for the new projects. Rs 7 billion were spent on non-developmental expenditures, Rs 13 billions were earned by selling the plots in I-15 which were spent on the unnecessary projects. By the end of year, CDA had to return Rs 2 billions which were taken under the head of security from contractors. Meanwhile, CDA had already lost Rs 2 billions in Stock Exchange. The motive of CDA team's foreign visits was to attract foreign investors and for this purpose USA, UK, Malaysia and United Arab Emirates were selected. While announcing the budget, CDA announced it as the Surplus Budget, while Rs 5 billions were included under the head of auction of new plots. It was a shock of Rs 5 billion for CDA on the very first day. Due to the financial crises many developmental projects have been stopped and it was decided not to start further projects.