RAWALPINDI - Commissioner Rawalpindi Division Haseeb Athar has said that polio and dengue fever can be controlled with the effective cooperation and active role of citizens. He said that polio and dengue fever control centres would be established at divisional level. "Besides this, the control centres will also be established in the offices of EDO (Health) of all the districts of Rawalpindi Division aimed to create awareness among masses and take effective measures to control the deadly diseases," he stated this while addressing a seminar "Prevention and Cure of Poliomyelitis and Dengue Fever" held here in Holy Family Hospital. Rawalpindi Medical College (RMC) Dr Mussadaq Khan, EDO (Health) Dr Zafar Gondal, DO (Health) Dr Amir Zada, Dr Fazal-ur-Rehman, Dr Humayun Rasheed Rathore, Dr Rai Muhammad Asghar, Dr Azhar Bhatti, Dr Khalid Randhawa, MPA Zia Ullah Shah also addressed the seminar. The seminar was attended by a large number of doctors, students of medical and ladies health workers. The commissioner said that Punjab Chief Minister Mian Shahbaz Sharif had issued special instructions for the provision of platelet machines to all hospitals of the province and for taking effective measures to control the dengue fever. He said without creating awareness about the causes of spread of polio and dengue fevers among general masses, we could not achieve the desired results. He urged for coordinated efforts from union council level to divisional level for achieving the targets. He said that all districts would be directed to ensure spray in the areas, where, specifically mosquitoes grow and spread dengue virus. He also requested electronic and print media to play role for creating awareness among masses about the diseases. MPA Zia Ullah Shah, while addressing the seminar, said that Poliomyelitis and Dengue fever could be controlled with the active participation of citizens and all departments relating to public health should also play their effective role for achieving the targets in this respect. Dr Fazal-ur-Rehman and Dr Hamayyun Rasheed Rathore in their special presentation informed that 395 cases of dengue fever were reported in the country in 2,005, 6,065 in 2006, 3,347 in 2007 and 1,488 upto October 2008. They said that total 48 cases were reported in the district out of which only 8 were from Rawalpindi. They also informed that the objective of the seminar was to create awareness about Poliomyelitis and dengue fever.