KARACHI - The federal and provincial governments should take immediate notice about the capturing of amenity plots in Karachi, besides exposing and taking action against elements bent to destroy peace in Karachi under the hoax of Talibanisation. Former City Nazim Karachi Naimatullah Khan said this while addressing a press conference at JI headquarters Idara Noor Haq here on Thursday. Former Town Nazims Shafiq-ul-Rehman Usmani, Ahmed Qasim Parakh, Farooq Naimatullah, former member provincial assembly Yoon Barai and others attended the conference. Namatullah Khan said under a well-planned conspiracy the peace of Karachi has been shattered. He said that constantly propaganda has been done about Talibanisation despite the statement of Provincial Home Minister that there is no Talibanisation in Karachi. He said, parks and amenity plots were being grabbed adding that at least ten people had been killed in the violent land grabbing activities in Karachi. He said lands earmarked for treatment plant of KWSB were being given on favouritism basis. He said a plaza was being constructed in North Nazimabad on land allocated for park. He said when he was city nazim Karachi he had planned to set up 'Daman-e-Koh' at T-Block of North Karachi, but later new administration stopped this project. He said conspiracies were being hatched to sell out this land at throwaway price. He said encroachments on the lands of metropolis were creating concerns among the Karachiites and alleged that previous govt had sold out the land of North Nazimabad block T, Baldia Town and the commercial lands of Shaheed-e-Millat Road at throw away prices. "And the bitter reality is that those involved in selling prime lands of the metropolis are now part of the present ruling coalition", he added.