ISLAMABAD - Indian investors were violating the intellectual property rights of Pakistan by selling Pakistani rice in the international market, claiming it their country's product. Indian investors procure high quality rice from Pakistan and then they pack the product, displaying on the packing their own country's name. This act of Indian is contradictory to the decisions, which the other day, the representatives of both the countries took in a meeting held here in Islamabad to protect jointly the intellectual property rights of both the countries internationally. In the given circumstances, these joint efforts could bring no fruit when Indian themselves were violating it, sources said while talking to TheNation. Sources said that any investor across the world could sell any product of any country in the international market but he was bound to display the origin of the product on the packing, which Indian investors were not doing. In the said meeting, the issue was raised before the Indian representatives but they totally denied the fact. Sources said that the matter of grief was the involvement of some local investors in this illegal sale of Pakistani product in the international market with out giving credit to Pakistan. They said generally the Indian procure rice from Pakistan and then they pack it in different countries under their own name but it was also witnessed that some times the rice is packed here in Pakistan displaying Indian trademark on it. They further said that these activities were being carried on by the black sheep in the trader's community of Pakistan with the connivance of custom officials, who give safe passage to such type of consignments. When contacted, Hamid Malhi, President Basmati Growers Association, who also attended the said meeting, he confirmed that the issue was raised with the Indian representatives in the meeting but they denied and challenged that Pakistan is welcome to sue them if it can prove the allegation. Malhi further said that now it was duty of the government to provide the evidence that is not difficult at all. Some other sources said that the only thing the government will have to do is to keep check on the local exporters and watch the shipments. By doing this government could easily get the evidence, they maintained.