LAHORE - The visit of deposed Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry to US has galvanized the international legal fraternity to the need of an independent judicial system in Pakistan in addition to bringing to limelight his role for the creation of such an institution. The visit of Justice Chaudhry has come about at the heels of the US visit of President Zardari, on invitation of Harvard Law School as well as the New York Bar Association to respectively honour him with the Medal of Freedom and a life long honourary membership of the Bar. However his visit is going a long way to put the issue of the judges at the international level. Although Justice Chaudhry did not speak at the dinner hosted in his honour by Pakistani community in New York, the kind of reception he was accorded speaks volumes of the respect, he commands equally among the people and lawyers abroad. In juxtapose to what meted out to him by the PPP government at home by way of denying him restoration despite thrice made commitment, the warmth of reception accounts for the justification of his stand and also the way he served his office flying in the face of a pervasive dictatorial rule. In his address abroad he has highlighted value of an independent judiciary as a panacea for all maladies inflicted the system in Pakistan and getting rid of them was not so pressing in the past as it is today when the country is beset by all sorts of problems. The legal fraternity at home symbolizes Justice Chaudhry and his other deposed companions, for independent justice system. The 18-month struggle of the Pakistan lawyers has earned the worldwide applause both in verbal as well as in practical terms. European Union during Musharraf and after the political government of PPP had come to place, laid tremendous emphasis on the restoration of Justice Chaudhry and others while Amnesty International and other civil rights bodies at the international level had also been insisting on the same. Recently the American Think Tanks focusing on the institutional betterment in Pakistan has stressed the need of making judiciary in this country independent, strong as and vibrant enough to hold the political and other corrupt elements accountable for their ill actions. The tone and tenor, they used to put across the message amply showed what they opined about present judiciary and also that the judiciary under Justice Chaudhry needed to serve the purpose. Judiciary under stewardship of Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry has already passed the test of taking the corrupt and the ill doers to task and the present honour to him is indeed an admission of that fact, this is dominant opinion of the senior lawyers on his US visit. It is a fact that since inception of Pakistan, hardly such a harsh judicial crackdown was employed on the powerful as it was done during the stint of Justice Chaudhry. Fit comfortably in the system left and fabricated by the Britishers to safeguard interests of the influential and powerful minority against the vast majority of have-nots in the sub-continent, jagirdars, vedaras, sardars, nawabs and the likes in Pakistani, who had got their tentacles spread to administration and rule of the country, felt a threat to their authority by an undaunted judiciary. The magnate ruling elite acting under a feudalist mindset seldom cared for the rights of the poor to education, health, and congenial condition for their betterment to keep them underdog and not to let them become threat to their position. The elite culture founded on power, paisa and position, grew with the passage of time to grasp more and more resources of the country and equally felt safe against all sorts of malfeasance and corruption. In the judicial activism of Justice Chaudhry, people first time realized the significance of a strong judiciary relentlessly taking the criminals to task regardless of their position and status. After deposition of Justice legal fraternity took up the cudgel and kept the public sentiments warm for an independent judiciary. They are still in struggle on an issue, which, in the opinion of observers, being tied with the PCO, is bound to haunt the ruling class until the same is passed through the Parliamentary amendment, even if the lawyers remain quiet. Disenchanted by the political parties to sort out the judges issues, lawyers believe that the US visit of Justice Chaudhary would provide them an independent identity. The International Community has admitted Justice Chaudhry as Chief Justice of Pakistan and now his restoration to the office has become an international demand, said Secretary Supreme Court Bar Association Shaukat Umer Peerzada looking upbeat that, the government would get no help except to restore him and others. And how much government would take the issue seriously is likely to be divulged right after return of Justice Chaudhry.