LAHORE - NWFP's Junaid Khan has pushed Punjab in deep trouble on day three of the RBS Pentangular Cup match here at the Gaddafi Stadium on Thursday. Taking six wickets, Junaid reduced Punjab to 134 in its second innings to keep his team in hunt for the win on the final day. Resuming its innings at 212 for seven, NWFP was bowled out for 228 with the overnight batsman Younis Khan not out at 75. They was lurking at 37 runs shot of the Punjab first innings total. But in a dramatic turn around, their attack led by Junaid left Punjab batting stunned. Azhar Ali, who made century in the first innings, could manage 29, Mohammad Ayub added 22, Mohammad Salman 25 and Wahab Riaz 28, extending the lead to 171. But NWFP by the close of play has already achieved 105 runs with seven wickets in hand and just 66 runs to achieve. Younis is still in the waiting line up while Yasir Hameed got 15, Riffat Ullah 35 not out and Shoaib Khan 28 were the major contributors in their second innings. Mohammad Khalil and Mohammad Talha shared one wicket each. SCOREBOARD PUNJAB, 1st inning: 265 for all (Azhar Ali 116, Nauman Habib 3-63, Shakeel-ur-Rehman 4-60) NWFP 1st inning: Yasir Hameed c Salman b Talha 11 Adnan Raees c Salman b Khalil 34 Riffatullah c Hafeez b Talha 6 Younis Khan not out 75 Shoaib Khan b Talha 24 Aftab Ahmed b Amjad 14 Zulfiqar Jan c Salman b Khiliji 2 Shakeel ur Rehman c Rehman b Talha 13 Aslam Qureshi c Amjad b Talha 9 Nauman Habib c Akmal b Riaz 1 Junaid Khan c Khalil b Talha 0 EXTRAS: (W- 8, NB- 12, LB- 8, B- 11) 39 TOTAL: (68.3 Overs all our) 228 Fall of wickets: 1-35(Yasir Hameed, 7.1), 2-44(Riffatullah, 13.4), 3-71(Adnan Raees, 19.6), 4-138(Shoaib Khan, 37.1), 5-161(Aftab Ahmed, 43.5), 6-166(Zulfiqar Jan, 47.6), 7-201(Shakeel-ur-Rehman, 58.6), 8-222(Aslam Qureshi,66.1), 9-227(Nauman Habib,67.4), 1-228(Junaid Khan, 68.3) BOWLING: Muhammad Khalil 17.4-1-77-2 Muhammad Talha 20.3-1-59-6 Wahab Riaz 14-3-42-1 Abdur Rehman 11-3-17-0 Mansoor Amjad 3-0-11-1 Mohammad Hafeez 2.2-0-3-0 NWFP, 2nd Inning: Muhammad Hafeez c Shoaib b Numan 0 Azhar Ali lbw b Shakeel 29 Umer Akmal c Yasir b Junaid 10 Mansoor Amjad c Adnan b Junaid 0 Mohammad Ayub c Zulfiqar b Shakeel 22 Khurram Shahzad c Younis b Junaid 4 Mohammad Salman b Junaid 35 Abdur Rehman b Junaid 0 Wahab Riaz c Raees b Junaid 28 Muhammad Talha c Junaid b Shakeel 1 Muhammad Khalil not out 0 EXTRAS: (W- 1, NB- 0, LB- 0, B- 4) 5 TOTAL: (32.3 Overs all out) 134 Fall of wickets: 1-0(Muhammad Hafeez,0.3), 2-15(Umer Akmal, 3.2), 3-15(Mansoor Amjad, 3.3), 4-62(Muhammad Ayub, 12.5), 5-67(Khurrum Shahzad, 13.5), 6-70(Azhar Ali, 14.5), 7-75(Abdur Rehman, 17.3) 8-127(Muhammad Salman, 30.3), 9-130(Muhammad Talha, 31.6), 10-134(Wahab Riaz, 32.3) BOWLING: Nauman Habib 7-2-21-1 Junaid Khan 12.3-1-56-6 Shakeel-ur-Rehman 10-1-42-2 Younis Khan 3-1-11-1 NWFP 2nd Inning: Yasir Hameed c Amjad b Talha 15 Adnan Raees c Salman b Khalil 6 Riffatullah not out 35 Shoaib Khan lbw b Amjad 28 Aftab Ahmed not out 9 Yet to bat: Younis Khan, Zulfiqar Jan, Shakeel-ur-Rehman, Aslam Qureshi, Nauman Habib, Junaid Khan EXTRAS: (W- 1, NB- 6, LB- 0, B- 5) 12 TOTAL: (22 Overs for 3) 105 Fall of wickets: 1-21)(Yasir Hameed, 3.5), 2-21(Adnan Raees, 4.1), 3-90(Shoaib Khan, 19.4) BOWLING: Muhammad Khalil 5-0-18-1 Muhammad Talha 9-0-49-1 Wahab Riaz 6-0-23-0 Mansoor Amjad 2-0-10-1 Toss: NWFP, decided to field Umpires: Nadeem Ghauri, Saleem Badar Referee: Khalid Niazi Scorer Masood Ahmed.