ISLAMABAD - The National Assembly on Thursday strongly condemned the US-led coalition forces drone attack in Bannu District and termed it a serious violation of sovereignty and territorial integrity of Pakistan and an insult of the joint resolution of the Parliament. The parliamentarians from all sides demanded of the government to take steps for implementation of the joint resolution passed by the in-camera session of the Parliament regarding national security. They said that the government should resolve this issue at priority basis. Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani has categorically stated that the government had no understanding with the United States for attacks inside Pakistani territory. Speaking on the floor of the House, the Prime Minister said "Being chief executive of the country, I want to assure you that there is no understanding with the US. I strongly condemn and protest against US attack, which is an incursion in Pakistan territory ", he said. He said that if there was any such understanding in the tenure of Pervez Musharraf with the United States, the foreign office or the government has no such record. "Musharraf at that time had two offices and all the decisions at that time were a one-man show. In this regard, he did not take the parliament into confidence. Our government believes in democracy." Gilani said, "today, I am protesting against this incident and we would not tolerate such actions of Nato forces". He said that the government of US in process of transition. He added that after the formation of Barack Obama's government, the attacks would be controlled. "I assure that Pakistan Army is highly professional and believes in democracy and supports the steps of government. Army will take steps with the consent of the government," Gilani added. He said the National Security Advisor was in constant touch with his US counterpart and conveying concern of Pakistan to the US authorities. The Prime Minister said that Pakistan was a responsible nation and unlike in the past, was no more isolated as the whole world supported Pakistan on the issue of drone attacks. He said he has met a number of western countries leaders who strongly advocated an end to attacks inside Pakistani territory as these are counter productive in the fight against terrorism and extremism. The Prime Minster reiterated that the present government would not compromise the country's sovereignty and integrity. He said that such attacks would be checked through diplomatic efforts and international lobbying. He said that the government wanted to move forward by taking along the opposition and would not allow anyone to violate the sovereignty of the country. Zafar Beg Bittani, MNA from FATA, raised the issue on the floor of the House and strongly condemned the US drone attack on the territory of Pakistan. He also staged a token walkout from the House as a protest. Leader of Opposition in the National Assembly Ch Nisar Ali Khan strongly condemned the incident and said that the government is responsible to defend the sovereignty of the country. He said that only issuing statements by the government was not enough, rather it should take practical steps to settle the issue. He also said that that the government should take steps to implement the joint resolution passed by the Parliament. "We are nuclear power and honourable nation. The government should not be a silent spectator. It should adopt respectable policy for integrity and sovereignty of the country," he said. He advised the government to raise the matter at the United Nations and stop NATO supplies being carried out from its territory. Ahsan Iqbal of PML-N while strongly condemning the US drone attacks alleged that the present government was following Musharraf policies of war on terror, which was unfortunate. Amir Muqam of PML-Q said that it is time for implementation of 14-point resolution of the joint sitting of the Parliament. He said that Parliamentary Committee of National Security should expedite its function. Maulana Attaur Rehman of JUI-F said that the attack is equivalent to insult of the joint resolution of the parliament. He demanded of the government to withdraw army from FATA. Responding to the points of order, Minister for Provincial Coordination Raza Rabbani said that the government vehemently condemned the US drone attack. He said, "Pakistan was not a client state but a sovereign country which can defend its territorial integrity. We will not let the US violate Pakistan's sovereignty". He further said that the issue of cross-border attacks has been raised by the President Asif Zardari, Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani and Foreign Office with top US administration officials and twice the US envoy was summoned to the Foreign Office and given a demarche. The minister said that Foreign Office was to summon the US Ambassador again today (Thursday) to strongly protest the violation of Pakistan's territory by US forces in Afghanistan. He strongly denied the story of Washington Post and said that there is no understanding in oral or written form with the US government over attacks inside Pakistan's territory. Rabbani told the House that National Security Advisor to Prime Minster Mehmood Ali Durrani was visiting the affected area and on his return would brief the Prime Minister and coordinated strategy would be evolved over the issue. Lauding the role of tribal people in the history of the country, he said that they are as loyal as any other Pakistani and the nation owes a lot to them for their scarifies for this nation. He said that the issues of tribal area should be resolved through dialogue process and political mean. He said that the problems cannot be resolved through military operation, but through political means. Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Malik Ammad Khan informed the House that government's stance on the issue was clear and it considers that Pakistan was fighting this war for our own national interests. He said that Pakistan couldn't allow foreign forces to operate inside its territory. He said that the American Ambassador is being summoned in Foreign Office for registering protest. Later, the debate continued on maiden speech of President Asif Zardari in the National Assembly. The session of Lower House was called for debate on the President's speech but most of other issues are also discussed. Today (Thursday) only MQM's MNA Syed Haider Abbas Rizvi could take part in the debate. Syed Haider Abbas Rizvi said that the government should take steps for provincial autonomy. He said the President says in his speech that 1973 is unanimous document and sociological agreement could be made on its base. He said that the MQM fully supports such agreement. "There is a need for strong federation not a powerful center. Provincial autonomy is very necessary for a powerful federation,' he said. Rizvi said that there is a dire need for reconsidering National Finance Commission and promoting the Council of Common Interest for provincial autonomy. He said that number of articles in Concurrent List should be reduced. He said that the continuity of powers should be made from federal to provincial to district levels. Commenting of the menace of terrorism, he said that terrorism has engulfed the entire country. He said after 9/11 a series of suicide attacks has taken place and we should know who is financing to the suicide attacks. He also said that a referendum should be conducted in tribal areas to know whether the people associate themselves with the province of Pakhtoonkhwa are want to a separate province. He also said that FCR should be abolished. Talking of economic situation he said that the MQM would establish micro-credit banks, which would give loans to the middle class and poor people.