KARACHI - The new revised tariff brought no remedy to the commercial users of the utility while 13 per cent reduction in domestic tariff is also not sufficient, The Nation learnt from its sources on Thursday. The government has announced to reduce the domestic tariff up to 13 per cent while the commercial tariff remained untouched during this revision. It is note worthy that the tariff increment announced previously, was about 45% to 50%, after the inclusion of taxes. Now, the revision made by the special committee formed by the government for this purpose suggested reducing the tariff up to 13%. After the inclusion of different taxes, the increment now stands at 32%. While it is to be noted that the committee has recommended no reduction in power tariff for the commercial and industrial users. The power tariff hike for the commercial user is still between 30% to 70% according to different slabs. It is pertinent to mention here that the average domestic user of power utility consume 700 to 800 units per month. The house with one air conditioner consumes 1000 units a month. The government has given relief to the consumers from 100 to 450 units per month. It's now easy to comprehend that how much relief has been provided to the domestic users, despite continuous assurance from the government. Domestic consumer of 300 units a month will be charged Rs 4.80 per unit. The month old tariff for this slab was Rs 6.13 per unit. If the taxes applied to the new amount, the rate per unit would be around Rs 6. Similarly, the consumers between 300 to 1000 units were charged Rs 8.58 per unit according to the increased tariff rates in October. Now, they have been charged Rs 8.26 per unit, as the 13% amount has been detected after the revision. This amount will mount up to Rs 11 per unit after the inclusion of taxes. The slab of 1000 and above units has the increment of Rs 9.84 per unit in previous increment. Now, the users of this slab will be charged Rs 9.94 per unit. The actual amount to be paid by these consumers will be Rs 12 to 13 per unit. Now, this is worth mentioning that the company and the government are trying to befool the general public. The public, who has no idea about these calculations, get easily confused. It is pertinent to mention that there is no big relief provided to the public as it has been claimed by the authorities concerned.