LAHORE - Punjab Law Minister Rana Sanaullah Khan made a dramatic political volte-face when he virtually took an about-turn from his Tuesday's stance against Punjab Governor and his family. "Governor's daughters are like my own daughters and sisters," said the Rana when Opposition Leader Ch Zaheer-ud-Din demanded of the Law Minister to own daughters of the Governor after the latter had owned Opposition ladies as his sisters. Known to be the toughest guy from the Opposition during the previous regimes - both Musha-rraf's own tenure as a lone crusader and his handpicked democratic dispensation - this time, Rana Sana could stick to his guns only for two days, and became waiflike after his top leadership was 'duly contacted' by two top men of the PPP, while one of them reportedly wanted Rana's sacking from the provincial cabinet. Senior Minister Raja Riaz Ahmed, on a Point of Order, started his political rhetoric to which the Opposition benches objected. However, he continued and launched a bitter diatribe against the dictator and his handpicked men. "We have accepted a bed of thorns, not a ruling couch. The government has decreased loadshedding and petrol prices, while the establishment is working against us," he said mentioning that to express solidarity with the President and Prime Minister, a rally would be held from the Punjab Assembly to the Governor's House. He invited all to the rally. Opposition Leader Ch Zaheer-ud-Din rebutted by saying that the Opposition did not violate any rule during the last nine months. "You increased petrol prices by Rs 40 and then brought them down by Rs 20. Better it is that you bring unity among the ranks of the coalition. Now, what is stopping from serving the masses, and doing good things," he quizzed. Rana Sana - after talking about the tax on agriculture economy - as it was a must for him to give reply to Ch Zaheer, questioned, "Who occupied the country illegally and who supported him." While maintaining that the Opposition would neither be arrested nor expelled from the House, the Rana said his side would support Raja Riaz. "We provided you a comfortable zone when you were protesting, and no female from the Opposition was dragged on road, as we consider them our daughters and sisters," he said adding that the Opposition should also join to purge itself off sins committed during the previous regime. Ch Zaheer immediately retorted by saying that if females from the Opposition were like sisters to the Rana, then Sana should accept that Governor's daughters were also like daughters and sisters to him. An immediate reply came from Rana Sana, "I consider Governor's daughters as my own daughters and sisters." Ch Zaheer also sought apology from Nawaz Sharif, Zulfiqar Khan Khosa and Manzoor Wattoo from supporting Zia. "Bring them to the House, and ask them to beg pardon for their mistakes," he maintained. Rare appearance on the floor, Qasim Zia further fizzled out two-day long tension between government and the governor by congratulating Rana Sana for recognising Governor's daughters as his own, and maintained that personal politics should be shunned. Qasim also went to Rana Sana, and left the floor immediately. Rana Iqbal congratulated Sana, and asked others to do the same. However, this debate came to an abrupt end when the Speaker stopped Bushra Gardezi from speaking further after she said, "If Zardari can become president...."