KARACHI - The elections of Sindh High Court Bar Association (SHCBA) is scheduled to be held on November 22 (tomorrow) while the election campaign is on its peak. The two-time elected president Rasheed A Rizvi and his opponent Ghulam Qadir Jatoi were visiting the lawyers' offices to get support in the election. Third candidate for the key slot is Khawaja Naveed Ahmed, a former PCO judge, was also busy in his electoral campaign, while his support is not being observed as compare to the both candidates. Rizvi, who had been twice elected for the said key post in 2000 and then again became president in the last election, was the key player of the ongoing lawyers' movement, while his opponent candidate Jatoi also remained a part of the movement. Rizvi vowed to continue the lawyers' movement in future if he would be elected as president and will serve the lawyers as well. Similarly, Jatoi is also making such claims but he is in more aggressive mood by saying that if he would be elected than he will accelerate the lawyers' movement in Sindh. Jetoi also criticises Rizvi for his lethargic attitude by saying that after occurring the incidents including, Tahir place incident in which several lawyers lost their lives, Rizvi should have been announced for massive campaign of the lawyers and should protested but he done nothing and adopted silent policy. On the other side, the third candidate Khawaja Naveed Ahmed who was serving as judge in special court by taking oath under PCO, was not in a good position like the aforementioned competitors but he was also busy in seeking support of the lawyers. While, the tough competition might also be observed for the post of secretary, where two strong candidates are contesting the election including Munir-ur-Rehman ,who have been elected for the same post for the last two elections, and Salahuddin Khan Gandapur, member of Sindh Bar Association. The election is going to be contested for five posts as well as for the managing committee. The election is being conducted under the election commission headed by Abdul Muqtaddir Khan who has issued the final list of the candidates for the election 2008-09. The candidates contesting for the Presidential slot of SHCBA include Ghulam Qadir Jatoi, Khawaja Naveed Ahmed and Rasheed A Rizvi, two candidates for the post of Vice President, Latifur Rehman Khand and ZK Jatoi. Similarly, Munir-ur-Rehman and Salahuddin Khan Gandapur are contesting for the post of Secretary, two candidates are on ground for Treasurer post including Akhlaq Ahmad Khan and Sarwar Muhammad Khan. Two candidates including Asim Mansoor Khan And Tayyaba Jabeen are taking part for the Joint Secretary position.