LAHORE-Two unidentified men gunned down a senior professor of Forman Christian (FC) College Lahore at his official residence within the college premises for unknown reasons. The victim identified as Khursheed Alam Gill, 55, was professor of Mass Communication and English Departments and was holding many offices at the same time in the college due to his vast experience and good repute. The murder incident took place at the college where no outsider was allowed except with an entry pass from the college security staff. On Thursday evening, two young men met him at his House No 10 situated on the premises of the college. They spent some time with him in the drawing room of his house and later shot him over unknown reasons and escaped from the spot. He was immediately taken to the Services Hospital in critical condition where doctors declared him dead. A good number of students of FC College rushed to the hospital besides the relatives and the deceased's friends when they got information of professor's murder. Reportedly, two young men made a call on the cell phone of the victim and informed him that they wanted to see him at his college residence. After a shortwhile, two unidentified youngsters came on a motorcycle, met him at his residence and remained there for seven to 10 minutes. They gave him sweets, which they had purchased from a local market. The victim teacher who was residing with his only son and wife in the college asked his wife to arrange tea for the guests. His son Shakir Gill was studying in a room of the house at the time of the incident. Shakir told the police that his father had asked his mother to serve the two guests who would reach soon. He did not give any further information about the identity of the guests. He told the police that later he went to his room for study. A security man deputed in the college told this reporter that nobody had been allowed to enter the college without showing his identity at the main gate of the college. He said that at least 20 to 25 outsiders were given entry passes after pledging their NICs or other documents. He however, expressed his ignorance about the identity of the two alleged killers who had murdered the college teacher. ASP Gulberg Syed Nasir Ali Rizvi told this scribe that apparently the victim's family did not disclose any dispute but he did not rule out the possibility of family feud behind the murder.He said that the professor had no confrontation or clash with anybody in the college due to his good repute. Giving details of the incident, the ASP said that when deceased wife was preparing tea in the kitchen, she suddenly heard gun-fire in the drawing room and immediately rushed towards the spot. Her son Shakir also reached there and both witnessed two unidentified men fleeing from the scene. He said Shakir chased the alleged killers and also raised hue and cry to attract the attention of security guards deployed at the entry/exit point but to no avail as the assailants had disappeared. The victim was immediately rushed to the hospital on college ambulance with a bullet injury on his nose, which later proved to be fatal as the professor had died on the way to hospital. The ASP said that it was premature to say anything about the identity of the killers or reasons behind the murder but police investigators were hopeful that the assailants were well-known to the victim family and would be traced soon. To a query, he said that security system of the college was extraordinary. Nobody was allowed to enter the premises of the college without submitting their National Identity Cards or other such identity, he added. At least three to four security guards are deployed at the entry/exit point where these security steps were taken for the outsiders visiting the college. All the record pertaining to the outsiders and others who visited college has been taken into police custody, the ASP said ,adding, that the calls made on cell phone and landline number of the victim's house would also be examined. Ali Nasir Rizvi further said that the crime spot where murder incident took place, has been preserved by the investigators. The police have also taken finger prints from the spot. Professor Khursheed was holding the charge as Chairperson of extra curriculum activities, Warden of West Hall Hostels and incharge of college magazine. Besides this, the deceased was also holding another important office of Doctors and Professors Association in college. A student of FC College Ubaid told this scribe that the deceased was a very polite and kind teacher. He had never heard any dispute of his teacher with anybody. He had interviewed former President Pervez Musharraf for college magazine last year, he said. Another student Khubaib said that Professor Khursheed was one of the top faculty members of the college who always played important role in the college. 'I cannot imagine such a tragic end of the life of a kind and good teacher who always treated his students as his sons,' Khubaib said with tears in his eyes. Meanwhile, SP Ijaz while talking to the newsmen disclosed that preliminary investigation had revealed that a man named Samuel had visited the professor's residence and it was likely that his name would be included in the FIR. The body was shifted to the City morgue for autopsy.