ISLAMABAD - Slimming centres operating across the country are duping innocent people through their cunning manoeuvres, TheNation observed. Such slimming centres claiming to offer services for the reduction of extra fat and curtailing obesity are rapidly mushrooming in smaller cities and distant towns besides leading cities. The 'victims' of these clinics reported that they paid hefty amounts of money in pursuance of loosing weight but in spite of getting any fruit, they suffered from side effects. A prominent industrialist told this scribe that he had visited a prominent slimming clinic in Lahore to control his rapidly increasing weight. He said he subscribed to a six-month package for that cost him around three hundred thousand rupees and a bunch of heavy dose medicines. "When I went for the treatment, my weight was around 120 kg. During the treatment I lost around 20 kg and my weight came down to 100 kg but the treatment had adversely affected my health," he revealed, adding the use of heavy dosage medicines had created stomach problems for him. "Losing twenty kilograms of weight in six months, even after paying around three hundred thousand rupees is no big deal. I don't care about the money, what bothers me the most is the thing that they have destroyed my digestive system," lamented the business tycoon while advising people never to resort to such clinics. "Regular exercises, walks and avoiding fatty diets can give far better results without any side effects," he argued. A prominent physician from Allied Hospital Faisalabad, who is on brief visit to Islamabad, observed that lack of diet plan, apathy towards exercise culture, extensive sittings and increased appetite coupled with spicy and fatty diet were a few factors that had alarmingly increased the ratio of obesity in Pakistan. In current circumstances, the people wanted to get slim overnight and thus fell easy prey to slimming clinics, he said. Another doctor from a renowned hospital said that day's generation was disoriented to look as slim as it could. "Unfortunately, our youngsters are so much obsessed with the lucrative ads on television which are drawing the false impression that looking slimmer is the best thing in the world. This is absurd, youngsters must take a healthy diet full of proteins and calcium," he suggested, adding young generation could take any diet provided that they followed proper exercise plan. "You are not required to starve in order to look attractive, I warn all those young guys and girls who remain on dieting around the clock to review their diet plan," he intimated. Meanwhile, the owner of a slimming clinic in Blue Area, here, claimed that his clinic provided best medicines for losing weight along with proper counselling and training. He mentioned that most of the time the people who intended to get married in near future visited slimming clinics to look smart. However, some visitors at the same clinic mentioned that they had not been advised any exercise or physical training for losing weight. "The moment I talked to them, I got the idea that it may be harmful. There is no doctor, no physician, no exercise plan, it's only medicine that you have to rely upon. Such clinics need to be shut down," suggested a visitor.