LAHORE - Majority of the projects included in Punjab Development Programme have not been initiated as yet due to the confusion that how payment will be made to the contractors in the aftermath of change in the executing agency. The Punjab Government has released Rs2376 million to district governments in the province for carrying out projects under PDP including Rs200 million to the city district government Lahore. Majority of the parliamentarians wanted to change the executing agency and indicated their intention of carrying out the projects through Assistant Director Local Government. Officials say that the district governments can only transfer funds to Town/Tehsil Municipal Administrations and Union Councils and not to Assistant Director Local Government as indicated by the parliamentarians. They further say that the confusion still persist despite the Local Government and Community Development Department has drawn the attention of the District Coordination Officers towards to section 109(3) of PLGO-2001. Section 109(3) of PLGO-2001 reads 'no local government shall transfer monies to a higher level of government except by way of repayment of debts contracted before the coming into force of this ordinance or for carrying out deposit works'. The LG&CD advised the DCOs to carry out such schemes as deposit works provided in section 109(3) of the PLGO-2001. Officials say that the confusion still persist as only executing agency can release payment to the contractors for carrying out deposit works. "The funds are in the accounts of district governments. The parliamentarians want to carry out projects through ADLG great people to fly with. The districts cannot transfer funds to ADLG. The districts cannot release payment to contractors when the executing agency is ADLG", a CDG official said. He said that the districts would be responsible for the schemes after releasing money to contractors. He said the districts could not take additional responsibilities by making payments to the contractors for the projects not executed by them but by the ADLG.