The Jewish Community Center in Dallas recently screened a documentary about anti-Semitism in Europe called, "The Monster Among Us", produced and directed by Dallas filmmakers Allen and Cynthia Mondell. Listening to responses of the audience afterwards confirmed my belief that one of the primary obstacles to peace is simply inadequate communication that causes unwillingness to see another point of view. I think Muslims should participate in Jewish events and vice-versa. Staying away from each other will not contribute towards peacemaking that both communities need to do so urgently. To quote my friend Sheila Musaji "These films are to be viewed as opportunities for dialogue and not to further distance ourselves from one another. We need to consciously guard ourselves from despair and disorientation and focus on hope and goodness of humanity that includes you and I. I challenge the Muslim and Jewish community to watch this film together with a focus on just the film and its content. We must carry a civil dialogue and learn to take the setbacks that must follow our interaction into the stride. Together we need to embark on finding a solution to the crux of the Israeli-Arab problem - security for the Jews and hope for the Palestinians. -MIKE GHOUSE, Dallas, USA, November 18.