KARACHI - President Asif Ali Zardari presided over a meeting of Sindh Cabinet at Chief Minister's House here on Thursday. Sources in Sindh government said that Chief Minister Qaim Ali Shah gave an overall performance report of provincial govt and its development works. The sources said that landgrabbing issue in Karachi and law and order situation in Sindh dominated the meeting. The sources said that President Zardari had asked the Cabinet Ministers to give their performance report and it is likely that the President would also chair another Cabinet meeting on Friday (today). Zardari directed the Sindh CM to distribute free land among the poor peasants, jobs to unemployed youth and to speed up the developments projects regarding health, education and to built up infrastructure all over Sindh, the sources disclosed, adding that PPP and MQM Committee meeting to be held on Friday (today) would also be presided over by President Zardari, in which Sindh Syed Qaim Ali Shah, Governor Ishratul Ebad Khan, Pir Mazhar, Home Minister Dr Zulfiqar Mirza and MQM Committee members would participate. The sources said after the presentation of Syed Qaim Ali Shah's report, Sindh Revenue Minister briefed the issues about lands and Dr Zulfiqar Mirza also gave presentation over the law and order situation in the province. Provincial Minister for Roads and Communication Manzoor Hussain Wasan gave presentation on development programmes regarding roads schemes in the different districts of Sindh. President Zardari directed Cabinet ministers to visit different districts of Sindh and hold open courts to resolve the issues faced by them. App adds: A special meeting of Sindh Cabinet was held here on Thursday evening at the Chief Minister House. President Asif Ali Zardari presided over the special meeting. Addressing the Provincial Cabinet, the President called for working hard to solve the problems being faced by the common man. He directed that schemes chalked out for poverty alleviation, enhancement of agriculture sector, repair and improvement of old irrigation system, construction of small irrigation dams, provision of incentives for industries in the province and other social-economic projects be encouraged for benefit of the people. President Asif Ali Zardari directed to take into hand lining of water channels, canals and distributaries. He said the Korean Government would be associated in implementing the project and the Federal Government would prepare a strategy of expenditure to be incurred on it. The President said water is an important factor for the future and it could be as vital as oil. He said, therefore, every drop of water should be properly utilised for attaining targets of food production and meeting other necessities. President Zardari also announced that a special package will be implemented for developing and rehabilitating Lyari area, which has a population of about 20 lakh. He directed that a pilot project under SASTI BASTI scheme be developed with a margin of 30 per cent to 40 per cent share for developers and the remaining share will be given to the poor allottees. President Zardari directed to give a detailed presentation on the break-up of land for government project pertaining to development of katchi abadies. He directed to fully utilise information technology and maintain the working, performance and progress of all government departments on their websites. The President suggested that a company should be established on public- private partnership for improving the irrigation system of Sindh and for which a meeting will be held soon with the Korean Government . He assured that communication system of the province will be improved as it is essential to develop the country. President Asif Zardari said Hyderabad- Badin Road will be widened and improved while work on various bridges will also be accelerated, which includes Larkana- Khairpur Bridge. He directed to carry out a survey and feasibility report about over-head bridges near Tando Muhammad Khan, Shaikh Bhirkyo, Mula Katiyar and Jherruk. The President further directed the Irrigation and Power Department to monitor the water flowing from Indus to Karachi coast and a long-term planning should be evolved for its utilisation. President Asif Zardari directed to have district- wise survey of available land besides the land under cultivation and production of crops. He further said that Chinese firms were ready to work for project such as constructing small dams and farming in the province with special emphasis on cultivation of floral products. President Asif Ali Zardari said that special incentives were being provided to make progress in the agriculture sector. He said these included supply of tractors on half payment of the price, seed, fertilizer etc. He appreciated that Sindh has achieved a bumper crop of rice and hoped that the target for the wheat crop would also be achieved. The President directed Sindh Revenue Department to conduct a survey of land position near and around Keenjhar Lake. Asif Ali Zardari said that Thatta is a historical town and thus its development is essential for coastal areas. This, he directed be brought under cultivation of various crops including betel- leaf. The President also stated that Pakistan is importing "Paan" worth Rs 150.00 million while we can save the foreign exchange by its cultivation. The President said Pakistan possessed a large potential of natural resources. He said Sindh is blessed with many things and these include human resources. He said "we should devise ideas for the betterment of our future generations". Asif Ali Zardari said it was indeed very historic that all the important political parties were working under coalition with the present democratic and elected government. These include MQM, ANP, NPP and other groups. He said that women constituted an important part of any society and the government would provide all incentives they may need for development. He said the hospitals were facing shortage of midwives and nurses. The government would provide incentives to encourage people to join the profession. Zardari said teachers' training programme should continue. The qualified teachers, he said can produce better results. President Asif Ali Zardari said culture and tourism would be promoted in Pakistan Gorakh Hill Station project in the Sindh would soon be completed. Road police check posts and other recreational facilities would be built there. He said a report about schemes initiated at Bado Jabal and Kute-Ji-Qabar (Shahdad Kot) be presented. He said funds were expected from abroad to carry out repair and renovation work on Moenjodaro. He also directed to initiate micro finance schemes for the welfare and development of women.