ISLAMABAD-The Embassy of Japan, in line with the Government of Pakistan’s efforts, joined the Clean Green Pakistan initiative by planting a tree at the compound of the Japanese Embassy during a tree planting ceremony held here yesterday. Kuninori Matsuda, the Ambassador of Japan to Pakistan, together with a chief guest, Malik Amin Aslam, the Prime Minister’s Advisor for Climate Change, planted jasmine tree at the compound of the Embassy as a symbol of promotion of greenery in Pakistan. Twenty one trees have been newly planted this month in addition to many other plants and trees at the yard of compound.

The ambassador said at the ceremony that Japanese people traditionally have been very close to the nature and, therefore, he would like to share such close attachment with the People of Pakistan through various occasions including this ceremony.

Every participant showed his/her support for this green event by wearing green items such as tie and handkerchief. Minister Malik Amin Aslam wore Green Rose made with origami - traditional Japanese paper artwork.

After the ceremony, they enjoyed “Japanese green tea” which Japanese people traditionally enjoy in everyday life. The ambassador recommended this green tea as it is beneficial for health.