KANDHKOT     -   At least 13 people including children fell prey to stray dogs in the various parts of the city on Wednesday.

According to reports, 13 people namely Nisar Ahmed, Nafeesa, Rafique Ahmed, Pervzaa, Jamal, Sadaqat Ali, Mai Tooti, Saddam Hussain sustained serious injuries after bitten by stray dogs. Local people complained that government failed to find out any solution to kill the stray dogs those who became mad and their biting spree went unnoticed due to criminal negligence of district administration and TMAs. However, they complained

that there was acute shortage of rabbies vaccines throughout district, as a result people were compelled to take victims to nearby big cities like Larkana, Sukkur and Rahim Yar Khan for the treatment and vaccination.

The health department of Kashmore completely failed to provide