MULTAN-Regional Police Officer Waseem Ahmed Khan has said that it is indispensable to boost morale of the force by acknowledging the sacrifices and services of the police martyrs.

In this regard, the old negative impression of the police needs to be removed from the public mind. He said that the distance between the police and the public can be bridged through awareness and highlighting positive measures being taken by the police. He said that every citizen, including the younger generation, will have to take up responsibility with the police to eliminate crime from society. Massive public relations campaign has been launched to restore police image.

He expressed these views while addressing a delegation of students who visited the Police Service Centre and Police Station at the invitation of the Regional Police Officer yesterday. On this occasion CPO Multan Zubair Ahmed Darshak, DSP Mumtazabad. Azhar Gilani and DSP Haram Gate Yusuf Haroon were also present on the occasion. Earlier, more than 50 students of the local school were inspected at the police station, police service centre and control centre and briefed.

Regional police officer Wasim Ahmed Khan while addressing the students in Qila Kohna police control room said that the young generation is gradually regaining trust in the police, which is mainly due to ideal police reforms. He said that police can control crime with public friendship. It is imperative for the new generation to be exposed to the new face of the police so that they can utilize the police system to achieve justice. Waseem Ahmad khan said that as these children grow up and handle the backyard of the country, they have to aware police sacrifices and services. Study tours are necessary to relieve the fear of the police from the minds of the children so that they can become the ambassador of the police on every platform. Speaking on the occasion, City Police Officer Multan Zubair Ahmed Dareshak said that the society should be stand with police. The role of civil society in making the crime free society is like the backbone. Awareness is necessary for effective communication between police and the public in this regard Said campaign will continue. The CPO said that children and civil society should become the eyes of the police and identify crimes. He said that on the International Day for the Rights of the Children, children should be aware of police duties as police festivals on all festivals. Day and night duties are done to protect the lives of the citizens. Earlier, students were taken to police station Mumtazabad and Police Control Centre to study the police working and were informed that there are 14 facilities at the service centre which are available through mobile van.

Later, at the end of the ceremony, RPO Wasim Ahmed Khan, CPO Zubair Ahmed Dareshak. School administration, including DSP Azhar Gillani presented commemorative shields.