KARACHI    -    Sindh Governor Imran Ismail has said that Prime Minister Imran Khan is a visionary leader and he is aware of all the problems of the people and is sincerely trying to solve them. Addressing on the occasion

of inauguration of a food festival at the Governor House on Wednesday, Imran Ismail said Prime Minister had also established ‘Langar Khanay’ under Ehsaas Program that reflect the preferences and aspirations of the present government and the purpose of this program was to ensure a full nutritional

diet for every human, according to statement. He said that majority of the children in the country were malnourished and the government had raised the need to remove this malnutrition

and create a healthy society. The governor further added: “I congratulate President

Karachi Editors Club Mubashir Mir, Secretary General Manzar Naqvi and other members of the “Food Excellence Awards” team for organizing the “Second Food Excellence Awards” at the Governor House. Imran Ismail said that conducting these awards would encourage those who provide quality nutrients

in accordance with the principles of health in their establishments and hotels. Mixing in nutrition for profit was a serious offense. There are rules in place for this. He said the present government

was cooperating with the best food providers

and providing them with the necessary facilities. With the best food, we can also promote our tourism and it was our government’s priorities. Governor Sindh said that food diplomacy was an effective way to increase

proximity to different

nations. There was a huge demand for Pakistani cuisine worldwide. He added there was a need that the private sector took more steps to introduce Pakistani dishes into the world. The present government had promised to bring about change in the country and was firmly committed to that promise. Imran Ismail said that the present government had also started providing free so that the young entrepreneurcould start their own businesses. This was a fantasticand exciting program that would help improve