HAFIZABAD-The ‘Chehlum’ of Hazrat Imam Hussain and his companions was observed in the district with religious enthusiasm.

The main procession was taken out from Main Bazar Hafizabad. The mourners paraded through the route by beating their chests and chanting Ya Hussain Ya Hussain and terminated peacefully in Fawara Chowk where a Majlis was held.

The Zakireen paid glowing tributes to Hazrat Imam Hussain and his companions for their supreme sacrifices for the glorification of Islam. The called upon the Muslims to learn lesson from the martyrdom of the Great Imam and forge greater unity among them to foil the conspiracies being hatched by anti-Islam forces to shatter our unity to achieve their vested interties.

Fool proof security arrangements were made by the district administration and all the roads and streets leading to the route of the procession were sealed and entry was allowed only by checking by metal detectors. No untoward incident was reported from any place till the filing of this report.

Child recovered

A 18-month old infant son of Saima Kousar D/o Muhammad RIaz who was allegedly kidnapped by her ex-husband, ex-mother-in-law, second wife of her ex-husband and others, has been recovered by frantic effort of the police lasting six months.

According to FIR, Saima Kousar of Gujranwala was married to Noman Zulifqar of Mohallah Siraj Ganj Hafizabad in December 2016 and she gave birth to a son (Muhammad Arhan) but unfortunately Noman Zulifqar gave divorce to her on April 4, 2019 and she settled with his parents in Gujranwala. On April 7 last, she along with her father and brother visited her in-laws house in Hafizabad to get her clothes etc. But her mother-in-law Perveen bibi, her ex-husband Noman Zulifqar, his second wife and two others forcibly snatched her son.

According to police after registration of FIR, the accused abandoned Hafizabad and went to different towns. However the police traced the accused by using modern technology and arrested them and retrieved the abducted infant to her mother Saima Kousar today.