LAHORE    -     Joohyung Kim of South Korea showed abounding and exuberant golf playing brilliance and intelligence loaded motivation to emerge as the Pakistan Open title winner and won the glittering trophy here at Defence Raya golf club course on Sunday.

The event, also served as four days Asian development tour, was participated by 20 foreign players drawn from 10 countries besides 85 home professional golfers and 5 amateurs. The winner got the first cash prize of US$14,000 out of a total allocated cash of US$80,000 with the balance being distributed among the 51 other position holders in accordance with the Asia Tour Prize Distribution Policy.

During the course of the four rounds at the admirable and commendable Defence Raya Golf Course, Kim has given a lustrous and pulsating display of golfing skills that impressed even his adversaries. Driving off the tees was powerful and accurate and his approach shots to the green were classy and most of the time they landed within five to six feet of the hole.His victory came through scores of 66 in the first round, a flamboyant 64 in the second round, 68 in the third round and an effective 73 on the final day and his aggregate winning score was 271, seventeen under par.

And he was honored by the Commander 4 Corps, Lahore Lt Gen Majid Ehsan, who came personally to award the trophy and winning cheque. “Pakistan has been rewarding for me,” said Kim and added: “And what makes the visit memorable is that I have won the national champions title of Pakistan.”

Cheerful and sparkling tidings for Pakistan are that the high caliber and predominant one of the national golfing arena, Muhammad Shabbir had the honor of attaining the second position with a marvelous round of 67 in the final round, which gave him a notable aggregate of 280, eight under par. Throughout the final round, Shabbir was abundantly charged up to give the country a good name and he managed to do so with an outstanding performance. He hit every shot on merit and left a lasting impression on the champions from overseas and the Organizing Team of the Asian Development Tour.

Third slot in this championship went to Sam Lee of Fiji who managed an aggregate score of 281, seven under par. Much that he was urging for the second slot, he had to concede it to Shabbir whose score was one stroke better. Choo Tze Huang of Singapore came fourth, with a score of 283, five under par. M Munir of Pakistan and Samuel Cyr of USA were bracketed at the fifth position .Their final score was 285,three under par. Some more who played notably well are M Alam of Pakistan and Mat Killen of England.

The hole in one car remained unclaimed. There was a hole in one, however, by Adil Jehangir of Pakistan but on a hole not marked for the car award. The return of the Asian Development Golf Tour to Pakistan is the result of efforts by the Pakistan Golf Federation (PGF) and serves as a boost for golf development.

The foreign players from Europe, US and Far East have stated that they felt welcome and safe while in Pakistan and look forward to visit again next year.