With the spectacular rise of the Islamic State (IS) in Levant, Al-Qaeda is on the back-foot in this new changing world. To avoid any direct confrontation with IS, Al-Qaeda has now chosen another front to work upon — the subcontinent. ‘Why is there no storm in your ocean?’’ This was the question put to Indian Muslims by the Amir of recently established franchise of Al-Qaeda, in the subcontinent, Asim Umar, a Pakistani who was named by the Al-Qaeda chief, Ayman Al-Zawahiri to lead the jihadists in India, Bangladesh and Myanmar(Burma). Molvee Umar was educated in a religious seminary of Karachi and Akora Khatak and he then worked with Punjabi Taliban before joining the ranks of Al-Qaeda.

Pakistan Army has been fighting terrorists for a long time in South Waziristan, Swat and a host of other tribal areas and is now fully engaged in evicting Taliban from the North Waziristan. Don’t you think they are still fighting the symptoms, and not the disease itself? Unless and until we defeat the ideology, which is brain washing hundreds of thousands of seminary students, we are just running behind shadows. All efforts and sacrifices will go down the drain as armies of religious zombies are being readied to replace the downed comrades. Now it’s up to us to make a sensible choice, otherwise the subcontinent will keep bleeding.


Saudi Arab, September 15.