The ongoing political impasse is becoming increasingly surprising, with the every passing day. Enemy of my enemy, who once was considered the enemy himself, has now been openly offered friendship, just to show Qadri-Imran duo that PML-N has not lost it all. The exotic display of dishes, to honour the special guest and the warm welcome proved what an International Relation teacher once said, while delivering his lecture in Karachi University, he said that in politics there are no permanent enemy or friend, what is permanent is merely self interest. This lust for power seems to be so seductive for all these leaders, that they can associate and dissociate themselves with just anyone, to keep the game going and power in their corrupt hands.

While playing their aces carefully, these leaders should understand that their irrational moves and hate speeches are increasing the frustration and depression of general masses, who do not know what these so-called waves of ‘change’ and ‘freedom’ hold for them. They are simply afraid of ‘change’ and have no idea what it will cost them. For most a known evil is better than an unknown evil! Till now Pakistan has failed to produce any great leader who was patriotic and unselfish.


Karachi, August 23.