My country Pakistan is in turmoil because there are marches in Islamabad, widespread agitations, rallies, sit-ins, corruption, lack of accountability, and wholesale looting of national resources. In Pakistan the institutions are weak and rulers have remained despotic in their thoughts and actions and whilst there is support from the western world for democracy there is very little put into institution building. We need to focus on institution building. Building strong institutions is not easy, in Pakistan these have not been built for at least 67 years. Our rulers have made every effort to kill the dreams of our people, particularly, the youth, poor and vulnerable segment of the society. Thus, democracy, better to call it “kleptocracy” is a failure in Pakistan.

Pakistan today does not need traditional and pro ‘status quo’ politicians who run the State affairs as their private firms. While interacting with the marchers in the Federal Capital, Islamabad and men in the street throughout the country, I have learned that they need rulers whom they would choose in open, free, and honest elections, people who would respect their rights as citizens, who will ensure rule of constitution, rule of law, who will be transparent in the use of the resources of the State to improve the quality of life for all its citizens and who will enable the people to take pride in their nationality as Pakistani. In a nutshell, the people of Pakistan need fair, not façade or failure polls so that genuine democracy becomes a reality and imparts its dividends to all citizens equally and fairly.


Islamabad, August 22.