Quite surprisingly the notion ‘Go Nawaz Go’ has gone viral. Nawaz Sharif went to Kashmir and the people assembled there hurled ‘Go Nawaz Go’. Later on he went to Sargodha and received the same response from the public. I also heard a song, sung by a musical band with the same caption. All this shouting must be getting to Nawaz Sharif; however, he does not seem to be bothered by it. This indifferent attitude, towards this incessantly increasing public-notion will for sure, cause a an irreparable damage to the his politics. Simultaneously, his indifference also shows his defeat on moral grounds. Had this happened in any other democratic country the ruler would have resigned without any delay.

Nawaz Sharif will be remembered as a stubborn politician in history. I have heard that the anti-Ayub public sentiment still lives on in villages and towns. So, Nawaz Sharif should take it seriously otherwise this ‘Go Nawaz Go’ chant will spread until there is no place left for him to hide. He should show some dignity and honour and resign or he will be hounded out of the corridors of politics.


Lahore, September 17.