ISLAMABAD - Commenting on the claims of bringing revolution in the country by Imran Khan and Tahirul Qadri, President of National Party Mir Hasil Bezenjo has said that both of them know nothing about the revolution and they are just playing with the sentiments of the people for their personal gains.

Addressing workers convention of the party organised here at a local hotel on Saturday Mir Hasil Bezenjo said that both PTI and PAT leaders were trying to become the representatives of the oppressed and poor people of the country, but actually both of them have no idea of poverty and sufferings of the people living below the poverty line.

He was of the view that only the oppressed and deprived segments of society can bring real revolution in the country because they feel and know the sufferings of the poor. Bezenjo said that unless the poor and downtrodden people would not have the ownership of the incumbent democratic order, it would remain vulnerable to external threats. Public at large would only adopt the system when it would become benevolent and fruitful for them, he added.

Hasil Bezenjo said that the slogan of bread, cloth and shelter was actually given by his party and Pakistan Peoples Party and other revolutionary parties had adopted it later.

Criticising the protesting PTI and PAT leadership for befooling the people in the name of revolution Bezenjo said that these so-called revolutionaries have no clear-cut agenda of reformation of the system which, according to him, is the need of the hour to make the incumbent democratic system fruitful and affable for the public at large. Bezenjo termed the land reforms vital for changing the lot of poor farmers which, according to him, no party in the country is ready to do. He further suggested that without improving friendly relations with the neighbouring India, Iran and Afghanistan, and drastically curtailing the spending on defence, reasonable funds for the welfare of people could not be spared and resultantly the dream of transforming the country into a welfare state would not be materialised.

Balochistan Chief Minister Dr Abdul Malik, President of party's Punjab chapter Ayub Malik, Dr Hassan Nasir, Talib Hussain, Nasir Malik, Ghulam Fatima, Wajahat Anwar, Maj (Retd) Qalab-i-Abbass, Ejaz Tarar, Taj Sooz Ishfaq, Saleem Mirza and other party leaders, mainly from Punjab, also spoke on the occasion.

CM Balochistan Dr Abdul Malik in his address gave a brief view of the steps he had taken as chief minister of the province to change the lot of the poor, saying that he was gradually breaking the status quo and the change towards betterment could be witnessed in the functioning of the government in Balochistan. He further said that the hallmark of his party's coalition government in the province is good governance and policy of merit which they are strictly adhering to and its trickle down effects have been felt by public at large in the province.