Islamabad - Justice Dost Muhammad Khan, a judge of Supreme Court has urged the district court judges to enforce international and national environment laws to provide a healthy environment to the people. They deserve a neat and clean environment like other civilized nations.

He expressed these views at the certificate awarding ceremony at the conclusion of a one-week course on “Orientation of New Laws” for Additional District and Sessions Judges at the Center of Excellence for Law and Judicial Education and Federal Judicial Academy on Saturday.

He said the deplorable state of the environment in our country requires the judiciary to act as the guardians of the rule of law and implement the existing environmental and municipal laws in letter and spirit to keep our country neat and clean. “Unfortunately lack of exposure to environmental law by members of the judiciary, and all others concerned, may hinder its implementation.”

Appropriate training of judges is required. Such training must focus among others on jurisdiction in environmental laws, its special instruments and problems of enforcement, as well as related scientific knowledge, which are necessary to sensitize judges for environmental cases.

“I hope this one-week orientation on different new laws including the environmental law would further sensitized you and help you to better understand the crucial role of the judiciary in implementing environmental law and thus conserve the environment.”

Lamenting the attitude of the people and others towards environment, he said the attitude of individuals and that of society as a whole towards environment is really painful. One can see heaps of garbage in those streets and parks, which used to be immaculate and environment-friendly in the past. Individuals and society must volunteer to this noble cause-protecting and conserving the environment.

“Our legislature is under an obligation to legislate so that the Right to Healthy Environment is incorporated in our Constitution as one of the Fundamental Human Rights.”

In his chief guest address, the honorable Judge also dwelt at length on other different subjects and topics such as Cyber Crimes Law in Pakistan, Narcotics Laws, Anti-Money Laundering Act, Intellectual Property Rights laws in Pakistan, Juvenile Justice Laws, Alternate Dispute Resolution, Judgment Writing, etc. and asked the district judiciary judges to enhance their proficiency in all these areas to dispense expeditious justice to the litigant public.

Advising the district judges, he said, “A Judge should always be honest and demonstrate an unflinching will power. Only with honesty and will power we can do something for this nation and for this country. We are determined that we have to take this country to new horizons with our honesty and unflinching willpower.”

Dr. Faqir Hussain, Director General, CELJE/FJA in his welcome speech spoke about the person and momentous contribution of the chief guest during his tenure as Chief Justice, Peshawar High Court, for the professional development of judicial officers, establishment of KP Judicial Academy etc.

He said: “We believe that a judge is judged not only by the quality of his judgments, but also by the quality and purity of his/her character. Therefore, every possible effort is put in practice to design and develop such training courses for judges to make them enviable in their personal behaviour and professional conduct.”