Islamabad-  Member of the British House of Lords Lord Nazir Ahmed today criticized Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s Kashmir and India policy in a press conference today.

He said that if Nawaz Sharif wants to gain support of Kashmiris then he must change his stance on India. “If there can be a referendum in Scotland then why not in Kashmir?” he asked. Former member of British Parliament Lord Nazir Ahmed held a press conference in Islamabad with former Prime Minister of Azad Kashmir Barrister Sultan.

Criticizing Indian politics he said extremist political parties in India always win elections through provocation. He blamed dams constructed in Indian Kashmir as a reason responsible for the flood disaster in Pakistan. He termed Modi’s offer to help flood victims in Azad Kashmir a futile move.

Nawaz Sharif should reconsider his foreign policy initiatives of developing good ties with India, he said. Lord Nazir urged that Pakistan should give a fierce response to the attacks on Sialkot and AJK border by Indian troops.

Referring to the referendum in Scotland, he said that there can also be a referendum held in Kashmir to know what the majority desires.

Moreover, Barrister Sultan Mahmood said that he would hold a march to raise awareness about the Kashmir issue in Britain and also to raise funds for the flood affectees.