Lahore  - PTI Punjab President Ejaz Ahmed Chaudhry has said that rulers are engaged in the loot and plunder of common man’s resources. He said that while high electricity tariffs have pushed masses on to the edge, this has destroyed the national economy.  He remarked that activists of the N-League have been forced to chant slogans of Go-Nawaz-Go. Referring to PPP, he said that the party which used to fight for the rights of the people has now struck a deal with the ruling government to save its stolen wealth.  He said that PTI’s exemplary governance in KPK where it has served the public is for everyone to see.  “The public is tired of a party that has been ruling for over 30 years because of its dismal performance,” he said.

He said that on the other hand, the PTI has put an end to VIP culture in KPK. Whether in his own province or in another the Chief Minister and Ministers of the province move without protocol. PPP and Ali Baba 40 thieves have joined hands in order to scratch each other’s back.