ISLAMABAD  - Continuing with its sit-in at Constitution Avenue of Islamabad against alleged massive rigging in 2013 general election, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) is now planning to hold a protest demonstration in front of the United Nations office in New York during Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif's upcoming visit to the US.

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is leaving for US next week to attend the annual session of the United Nations General Assembly and he will address the UN General Assembly session on September 26. The announcement of protests in front of UN office was made from Imran Khan's container parked at D-Chowk shortly after he concluded his speech on Saturday night.

In his speech, Imran Khan like the other days went ahead with his diatribe against the ruling PML-N and Prime Minister Sharif and said that it was a clear case of clash of interest to do business after becoming a minister or prime minister.

Khan alleged that the present rulers do business while remaining in government and that was clash of interest. Indicating towards PML-N and PPP, he said that both the biggest political families of the country should tell what assets they had before coming to politics. He said Sharif family got loads of Rs 3800 million from public sector banks and never paid the loan money. Giving the details of the loans of Sharif family obtained from different banks, he said the loans were not returned and Ittefaq Foundry owned by Sharif family was handed over to the government. He claimed that his party in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa had legislated that no government functionary including ministers would do business. He alleged that Rs 220 million were used from public money to build a drain of Ramzan Sugar Mills owned by Sharif family.

It seems that like Dr Tahirul Qadri of Pakistan Awmi Tehreek (PTI), Imran Khan has also started dreaming in broad daylight as he in his speech mentioned his different dreams. Describing his dreams of becoming the best all rounder in cricket, establishing a caner hospital as well as a university, he said that he had seen a dream that a flood of people would gather for a change and then he saw this flood of people in his Lahore rally of October 30, 2011. He said that he had already conceptualised that the people would celebrate their independence and now the people have been celebrating here for the last 37 days. "The bigger dream you will conceptualise, the bigger goal you will achieve," he said, adding now his dream was of a true democratic Pakistan that was near to come true. The people will enjoy respect in that Pakistan, he added.

The PTI chief said that the daily expenditures of PM House and Presidency were Rs 4.2 million, while 61 per cent people in Pakistan live below poverty line and 110 million people cannot get food twice a day. He said that the national kitty had to bear Rs 400 million annually on the police to provide security to Sharif's personal residence in Raiwand. He said that that the government had taken loan of Rs 130 billion from Workers Welfare Fund (WWF) to spend the money on projects like metro bus project and the more than 0.3 million labourers of WWF were struggling to increase their pensions from Rs 3600 to Rs 6000 per month. The chairman PTI claimed that his party had introduced 30 legislations in KP including right to information bill, right to services bill and accountability commission bill. "We have increased minimum wages of labourers up to Rs 15000 in KP and 28 per cent of the total budget was being spent on education in the province. We have started constructing 350 dams there and are introducing the best local government system in KP," he said.

Khan in his speech thanked media persons for covering his sit-in even at the time of heavy shelling of tear gas by the police, saying they (media persons) were heroes of the new democracy in Pakistan. He denied that any of his workers was involved in attack on PTV building. He stopped his workers from pelting a building of a media house, which is very close to his sit-in venue, with stones.

Earlier, Lord Nazir Ahmed, the member of House of Lords of UK, joined the protest sit-in of PTI and delivered his speech to the followers of PTI.