The analysis carried out by Brig Samson in your issue of September 17th is an eye opener. Reading the statistics pertaining to the flow of water and flood warnings given by various agencies quite clearly indicates that the devastating floods could have been avoided by judiciously manipulating flood water. If a retired Army man can appreciate that it was not a case of flash floods but was the result of inefficiency and complete neglect on the part of various agencies, I fail to understand why the government and flood control agencies can not.

Thank you Brig Samson, for bringing truth to the masses, who are being deliberately cheated by the government, the Prime Minister and the Chief Minister. Instead of cursing nature for the floods, I strongly recommend that an enquiry commission be constituted to fix responsibilities. The culprits should then be punished. I also strongly recommend that Brig Samson be included as member of this commission, if not its Chairman.


Lahore, September 17.