Ajmer: The 12th century shrine of Khawaja Gharieb Nawaz was evacuated followed by a bomb threat early in the morning today. Over one lakh pilgrims gathered to observe the monthly ritual of 'Chatti Sharief' were panicked to see the police entering inside the shrine, with equipment to detect explosives.

The pilgrims were evacuated from all exit gates followed by the frisking of the entire compound. The main sanctum sanatorium has been evacuated first with the help of priest community.

It took police one and half hour to conclude that call was a hoax. The entire area has been put on high alert with Quick Response Team taken over the main routes to the shrine. Sources said that police control room in the Ajmer got a call around 6.40 am, threatening to blow up the shrine.

Bhupendra Singh, SHO, Dargah Thana, said "Dargah was closed down from 7.45am till 9.15am, due to search operation. It was re-opened as we found nothing during the search. We are investigating who are behind the call."