ISLAMABAD - The Chinese Foreign Office spokesperson says Pakistani government and its armed forces are fully capable to preserve its national security.

He said that China fully back Pakistan’s ongoing fight on terrorism and is satisfied with the Pakistani efforts to eradicate the terrorists from its territory.

“China fully backs Pakistan’s ongoing campaign against terrorism,” the spokesperson said.

The Chinese Foreign Office spokesperson also condemned Friday’s terrorist attack on Badaber air force base in Peshawar, in which 29 people lost their lives.

“We condemn the terrorist attack in Peshawar, Pakistan which inflicted heavy casualties, and express condolences to the bereaved families,” Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Hong Lei said.

China supports Pakistan in firmly combating terrorism, and believes that the Pakistani government and military have the capability to maintain national security and stability, he said.

Acknowledging the important contribution and sacrifices being made by Pakistan in the fight against the menace of terrorism China has time and again expressed complete satisfaction at the ongoing cooperation in the field of counter-terrorism between the two sides.

China has also played a mediator role along with the United States during the first phase of peace talks between Afghan government and Taliban in Murree being a major regional player, who want peace in the volatile region in a peaceful manner.