LAHORE  - The traveling of home-bound people for celebrating Eid at their native destination continued on Sunday.

Heavy rush was witnessed at bus terminals, city’s entry, exist points and Lahore Railways Stations.

Overcharging by the transporters except few known companies also continue as the authorities were nowhere seen to stop them. Extra charging from commuters is a routine business of the transporters on Eid days.

On this Eid, good numbers of people is also preferring to travel through trains to avoid the rush at the busses. To review the Eid operation, the Railways also held a special meeting on Sunday.

Railways minister Khawaja Saad Rafique presided over the meeting. The management also reviewed the security arrangements at trains and other railways’ infrastructure.

The Railways is operating 10 special trains to facilitate the commuters and also announced 10 per cent discount on fare. It also announced to give 25 per cent discount in fare to passengers on Eid and next day on all express trains except the Green Line.

The Railways authorities are claiming 99 per cent booking has been completed at the trains which will operate from Karachi to upward destinations. They say 95 per cent and 80 per cent booking completed at the trains due to leave from Quetta and Lahore respectively.