Islamabad - Unsterilized instruments used for piercing of nose and ear inoculation are spreading hepatitis B and C among young girls.

Shopkeepers, goldsmiths and quacks use unhygienic equipment for providing this service to people without realizing that they are playing with the health of innocent people. The people showing their concern on the issue said, “In our society it is common practice that 90 percent mothers take their daughters for piercing of nose, ear inoculation in their early childhood.”

They commented that the unsafe practice is transfusing harmful diseases germs in bodies of these girls, but unfortunately they did not have any other option where they get this facility under health insuring standards. They urged that government should realize the gravity of the issue.

and provide the facility at medical clinics where trained staff treats people following proper medical rules.

In-charge blood Bank, Poly Clinic Hospital, Dr Sharif Astori talking to APP said nose piercing and ear inoculation fall under decorative terms and medical clinics do not deal with them. He informed that an antiseptic, `Sadix’ which is easily available in market is best remedy to sterilize equipment and helpful for checking spread of Hepatitis B and C. Besides that, he said, Piodine, Dettol other antiseptics could be used in case of emergency.

He further said, local city administration has authority to take action against it and force the practitioner of these service providers to use hygienic equipment for every customer.

Dr Astori advised people to inquire about sterilization of instruments before treating their children to ensure their safety.

An official of ministry of national health services, regulations and coordination told APP that unscreened blood transfusion is also a major cause of hepatitis and HIV spreading.

With the cooperation of German funded sustainable development programme, GIZ the government is establishing blood transfusion authority in the capital city and all Provinces to curb this fatal disease, he said. He further informed that dental treatments by quacks and dentists also spread hepatitis as their instruments are not properly sterilized.

For dental treatment by quacks, anti quackery law needs to be implemented in all provinces, he further informed. Provincial hepatitis control programs are raising awareness in dentists and recommending soaking their instruments in bleach solution for quick sterilization if sterilizers are not available, he said.